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Spares news

Please note we will not be able make any spares despatches from December 9th – December 31st 2018

To order, you can browse products by category and add them to a ‘quote cart’ to request a quote. Click here.

New items in stock are:

  • Brake bleed nipples
  • Spin-on oil filters
  • Rear axle leaf spring insulator pads
  • Gear lever gaiters
  • Ignition coils
  • Spark Plugs – original Motorcraft
  • Column change linkage bushes
  • HT leads
  • Distributor caps
  • Red rotor arms
  • Rocker cover gaskets
  • Wiper motor brush kits
  • Wheel nuts
  • Brake drum screws
  • Water pump gaskets
  • Earth & battery straps
  • Inlet valves
  • Used spares – we have a range of used items coming into stock. Availability will vary. See the ‘used’ category on our product pages.

Coming soon:

  • Speedo cable grommets
  • Choke cable grommets
  • Choke cables
  • Accelerator pedals (compatible)
  • Headlamp bezels (in manufacture)
  • Sill trim clips (on order)
  • Rear leaf-spring bump stops (in manufacture)

We have now increased the range of refurbished or reconditioned parts we are able to supply. New items include:

  • Heater matrix
  • Front brake calipers
  • Steering boxes
  • Brake master cylinders
  • Clutch master cylinders
  • Steering idler arms
  • Anti-roll bars
  • Rear shock absorber drop links

The items are listed in our normal spares list with details of the reconditioning.

Ours stores are getting bigger!

Spares despatch is managed from Devon by Tony Weller. Normal despatch time is around 48 hours.

The web site shows current spares prices and stock information. See https://www.fccoc.org.uk/spares-home/products-by-category/

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Do I need an MOT?

Cars, vans, motorcycles and other light passenger vehicles won’t need to have an MOT if they’re over 40 years old and have not been substantially changed.

Until now, only vehicles first built before 1960 were exempt from needing an MOT.

Now the rules have changed, vehicles won’t need an MOT from the 40th anniversary of when they were registered or manufactured.

Further guidance on the definition of substantial change can be found here:  https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mot-changes-20-may-2018