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Track Control Arm Shim Kit


Track Control Arm Shim Kit

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Set of 6 shims to adust the amount of play of the track control am lower ball joints. Much cheaper than buying the whole kit. The shim thicknesses are between 0.1mm – 1mm each. Comes with a new circlip.

The joint is designed to have a small amount of play. MOT testers often do not understand this. If there is excessive play this kit will allow correction. Usually the ball joint itself will not be worn if it has been properly greased.

The wokshop manual gives detail of now to fit shims to adjust the joint. In the manual the adjustment is done by fitting a different retaining plate, but these shims will do the same job.  Here’s a summary:

Check with a feeler blade that there is 0.003 to 0.010 in. (0.076 to 0.254 mm.) clearance between the retaining plate and the circlip. If.the clearance is incorrect, add a spacer shim to adjust. Fit the plug in the ball joint housing and secure the plug. Stake the housing at four points.

Staking the retaining housing is a bit tricky, so may require professional help or advice.

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