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Mike Brewer at FCCOC stand at NEC November 2011!
Mike Brewer likes the FCCOC stand – NEC 2011

Consul Capri in front of Harry Potter photo

David Kurka’s stunning Consul 315 in the Czech Republic after a 5-year restoration

The Beatles Ford Classic
This picture clearly shows the distinctive double headlights, “star-bar grille” and tail lights of the Ford Classic, built in Britain 1961-1963 and sold overseas as the Ford Consul 315. It is a four-door-standard version of the car, almost none of which have survived. Cropped versions of the photograph have been published in contemporary newspapers and retrospective books to highlight the young stars on the rise, which is understandable, but at the cost of the cars’ distinctive features which are further masked by the band. Which often meant the vehicle was later mistaken for a cheaper but better known Cortina model. The club would of course be delighted to hear from its former owners regarding driving impressions and other stories! 

A cropped version of this picture is available in the excellent little book Beatles In Liverpool. Peter Kaye, 1987.

Kristian Vestergaard’s Consul 315 & Capri being used for advertising in Denmark!

Giovanni Polinni’s beautiful Classic 315 based in Bologna, Italy

Dave Vaughan’s Consul Capri in Palmdale, California, with Cortina 1600GT engine, transmission and diff.

Mark Kennedy’s 1963 Capri  – now based in Dublin, Ireland

Jason Wright’s beautiful turquoise Capri in Solihull

Alex Grimshaw’s Essex 3-litre!

Tommy Millar at Scottish Ford day 2010 – very wet!

Dave Heath’s 2-door Consul Classic. There are not too many of these 2-door cars left on the road today.

1964 Consul Capri sent in by Brenton from ‘down under’

Louis Zahra’s 4-door Consul 315 in Malta

Andy Keasley’s Consul Capri convertible – great pictures!

John Hilton’s superb 1962 LHD CONSUL 315 2-door 110e.

1963 Consul Capri submitted by Tom Kendall

Ford Consul Capri 1500cc – the actual car in the movie Telstar

1963 Consul Classic 116E 1500cc.

1961 Consul Classic 109E