• All prices are inclusive of P&P in the UK only

  • Email orders & enquiries (quoting membership number) to:  An invoice will be emailed back to you which can  be paid by PayPal, credit card, bank transfer or cheque. Alternatively, please make cheques/postal orders payable to the CCRF and send to address in latest club magazine. Write your membership number on the back of your cheque.
  • Overseas postage is extra, depending on size, weight and destination. Please enquire by email with full delivery address. We will then advise total for P&P.

  • We regret that we are unable to supply spares or panels to the USA or Canada due to restrictions by our insurers.
Ford Classic & Capri Panels
Ford Classic & Capri Panels
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We hold some items in stock but others are remanufactured to order, with  a lead time of about two – four weeks. Please enquire for details. Prices may vary from those shown – the prices in the table below are the most up to date.

Item Price (TBC) Notes
Front Jacking Point with jack hole £60.00
Front Jacking Point without jack hole £50.00  In stock
Jacking hole to attach £40.00
Front outrigger £25.00
Rear jacking Point £42.00

In stockfordspares 028

Inner wing suspension shroud £70.00
Flitch Panel £17.00  In stock
Suspension Top plates £40.00
Front Wing mounting repair kit (2-piece) £75.00
Front wing lower 6″ panel £45.00
Front wing nose repair kit (5-piece) £105.00
Door pillar to inner wing repair panel £30.00  
Outer Side Lamp Panel £55.00 fordspares 026
Inner Side Lamp Panel £45.00  
Headlamp Panel Shelf £40.00
Headlamp panel £135.00

In stock

Front Apron 1/4 panel £60.00 fordspares 093
Door to Rear arch panel (2 door/Capri) £60.00
Outer sills (full) £110.00
Outer Sills (cover sill – not finished at ends) £60.00
Full outer sills (reinforced) £214.00

In stock carbits-067

Offside boot floor section £85.00
Inner sills (each) £120.00
Economy rear Valance repair panel (section between the bumper brackets and contains the formed lip for fixing) £45.00
Rear valance repair panel (centre only) £140.00
Rear valance – full outer £252.00 In stock
Rear valance – inner £196.00 In stock
Rear wing repair panel £85.00
Rear Wheel Arch repair panel £90.00
Rear Chassis Repair Section From Spring Hanger To Bump £70.00
Spare wheel carrier £100.00
Front Valence (complete) – excludes headlamp panels and shelves and quarter aprons. Below bumper line only. £350.00
Front Valence lower repair section £160.00


Remember: take MOT’s early and allow 28 days or more for delivery.

Disclaimer: The Ford Classic & Capri Owners Club cannot be held liable for any costs, labour or otherwise, which may be incurred from the fitting of the above parts, including re-manufactured panels.

The owners club for the Ford Consul Classic & Consul Capri models produced from 1961 – 1964, designed by Colin Neale